High quality scale models tyres,
plastic rims and other parts

About Us

Maestro-Wheels - the team of professionals from Ukraine who love modeling. In 1992, we organized our own production of parts with the greatest possible detail for the collection models at a scale of 1:43, 1:50 and 1:24.

The main direction is the models tires, made of the highest quality rubber with maximum elaboration - from the tread to the smallest inscriptions with reference to the original tire models. Also, rims, axels and other parts & accessories for the collection models made by injection molding from painted high-impact polystyrene into molds, which we are making using the latest advances in metal processing technology on our own precision equipment. Quality control of casting is carried out for EVERY detail in the manufacturing process, and is also carried out for packaging and shipping. In fact our parts is Handmade.