High quality scale models tyres,
plastic rims and other parts

1:50 Tyre set 6x trailer low profile

  • $4.90
  • Product Code: MW50_S_6xL
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Scale: 1:50
  • Model auto: Trailer-Krone; Trailer-Schmitz; Trailer-Schwarzmuller; Trailer-Kogel; Trailer-Wielton
  • Size: R22,5
  • Component: Set
  • Material: Rubber

1:50 scale copy of tires
Set incloud:
6 front- Michelin X-Line/Continental Conti Hybrid 385/55 R22,5 
One side of Tyre Michelin, other side - Continental
This set suitable for models in 1:50 scale manufactured by WSI, Tekno etc

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